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"Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life!" - Vincent Van Gogh

design • illustration

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Look around. Everything you wear, use or see has been designed in some way by human endeavor or by God. Design is a process seeking a solution. Not just any solution but a beautiful and wonderful solution. It is an exploration and a journey. Great design is what motivates you to see it, pick it up, and buy it. Design is life.


Cholla Cactus

A good photograph tells a story and captures a moment in time. The photo engages you, pulls you in... it makes you smile, often because you see your self in the story.

Think about this... more photos are taken each day with cell phones than all the photos taken in the history of photography. I hope you enjoy the stories I have to tell.

photo impressionism

I use photography, apps, drawing and painting to create what I call Photo Impressionism. It is a blending of the two disciplines. I believe one complements the other.

All my art prints are printed on an Epson 3880 with archival inks, Epson paper and archival papers.